Director: Sofia Jupither

Producer: Johanna Wennerberg, Warner Bros. ITVP Sweden

Executive Producer: Charlotta Dolk, Camilla Rydbacken, Johan Hedman, Rakel Wärmländer, Filippa Wallestam

Writer: Emma Broström, Rakel Wärmländer

Cast: Rakel Wärmländer, Sofia Helin, Louise Peterhoff, Anton Forsdik

Genres: Drama 6×45’


Friends Ebba, Gloria and My live in the heart of Östermalm, an upmarket area in Stockholm, where life revolves around family, career and friendship. The common denominator is their sons, who go to the same school and have played in the same football team since fifth grade. Despite their differences, they have a very close relationship and have always had each other to fall back on.

Then, suddenly the three friends Gloria, My and Ebba receive a phone call in the middle of the night. Their sons have been involved in a serious car crash, and life as they know it changes in a split second. With their relationship put to the ultimate test, and Ebba’s son Jakob hovering between life and death, the three women find their worlds filled with uncertainty, doubt and guilt – in ‘limbo’.

A trio of Sweden’s biggest acting talents headline `Limbo’. Rakel Wärmländer (`Eva & Adam’), Louise Peterhoff (`The Truth Will Out’) and Sofia Helin (`The Bridge’) star in the six-part drama series, produced by Warner Bros ITVP Sweden.