Director: Julius Wadman

Producer: Anton Forsdik Wennerberg, House of Stars, afpitch AB Sweden

Executive Producer: Fanny Forsdik

Writer: Julius Wadman

Cast: Anton Forsdik, Edvin Ryding , Sass Wolgers, Anton Forsdik

Genres: Drama


A young man, tormented by inner demons and anguish, seeks solace in nature. One day, when he discovers a hidden gift beneath a tree, his entire existence undergoes a profound transformation.

The concept for the film “Landslide” originated during the pre-production phase of my exam film. Having prior experience in filmmaking, I always kept an eye out for locations that could serve as a backdrop for compelling stories. One place that had previously stirred my creativity was a field adorned with a towering, distant tree. This tree exuded an aura of mystery and intrigue, and it became a pivotal source of inspiration for me. I often discover the initial spark of a story within the essence of a location, and in this case, the tree not only provided a visual focal point but also served as a character in its own right. The central character, the tree, symbolizes a deeply lonely and forgotten entity, and its transformation throughout the film stands in stark contrast to the tranquil and unchanging setting where most of the action unfolds. I’ve always been drawn to the interplay between serene environments and intense emotions, as it spawns new characters and pivotal turning points in my narratives.

Working with exceptionally talented young actors was an honor. Anton Forsdik (known for HBO MAX’s “LUST”) brilliantly conveyed the film’s emotional core through his expressive face, rendering words unnecessary to understand his inner turmoil. Edvin Ryding (featured in Netflix’s “Young Royals”) and Sass Wolgers (known for “The Greedy”) portrayed the antagonists, bullying the vulnerable protagonist with great skill.

I hope “Landslide” encourages young individuals to seek support and open up about their inner conflicts rather than internalize them. This is an important theme, especially in today’s world.

My aspiration is that this movie brings about change and compels people to acknowledge the forgotten ones among us