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Three young people in three different families and one lone bird. The young people do not know each other. Maybe passed by on the street, but more is not it. They live in different home relationships. Gabriel, a gay boy played by Anton Forsdik. His laying is not accepted in his family. He feels abandoned and alone. Johannes is an ADHD diagnosis guy claiming the doctors played by Malte Gårdinger. He also feels lonely in this unfair world. We follow these youngsters in their way through loneliness and heavy depression. Their desire to be accepted as them is to be loved by their immediate. The search for inner freedom and security leads them to different paths and places in their city. The thoughts of Gabriel fly high over the city with questions about loneliness and fate. His thoughts about fate do not only stop with humans, all living ones have their own lives.

Fate film

Antingen Eller – Either Or

Olle is a young school boy. He has only one friend. It is his best friend, but an unusual friend. Olle grappling with huge hard questions. Is he sick or is he just lonely?

Loneliness is hard to live in. During his last moments Olle Samuelsson finds himself in a mess with the darkness.
Will he keep his life? Or will the dark side take it from him?

EITHER – OR is a 2016 Swedish film directed by Anton Forsdik. The film is second part of the trilogy named ”To be like everyone else”.

”I don’t want to live anywhere else” is the first installment in the trilogy of films about Olle Samuelsson.

STOCKmotion film festival

Film Stockholm arrangerade STOCKmotion första gången 2014, en filmfestival där filmskapare i alla åldrar ges plats på vita duken. Vår vision är att festivalen ska skapa en lustfylld rörelse kring den rörliga bilden och beröra både djupt och brett.
Vi låter kortfilmen stå i fokus då den väger allt tyngre i takt med att medielandskapet förändras samt att ny och billigare teknik har gjort det möjligt för fler filmskapare, från pensionärer till skolbarn, att uttrycka sig. Välkommen att överraskas av både nybörjares och mer professionellas fantastiska berättelser!
STOCKmotion är även Stockholms läns regionala uttagning till den nationella Novemberfestivalen.


fate film,Antngen Eller film,Ödet film,Stockmotion film festival

fate film,Antingen Eller film,Ödet film,Stockmotion film festival